Who Is Jesus?

I have to admit something. This question haunts me: Who is Jesus? Sure, we can revert back to our Sunday School lineage and spout out answer ... read more

Just Do It

It was in a flea-infested and dim-lit basement in Jacksonville, Alabama where I sat down to write Five Flaming Arrows. I had no external mot ... read more

A Scary Dream - A Powerful Christ

So the other night I had an interesting dream. It was the kind of dream that feels completely real. I guess that’s why it was so terrifying. ... read more

First Corinthian 5:1-5 Analysis

This is one of the most uncomfortable articles I have ever written. I came across this passage in Corinthians chapter five the other day, an ... read more

Five Flaming Arrows Synopsis

My long-awaited book, _Five Flaming Arrows_, is about to be out there for the world to critique. Am I nervous? Absolutely, but I’m super exc ... read more

The Foundation of Evangelism

Kristin and I both grew up in the church. Her parents were Sunday school teachers. My mom was a Team KID leader and children’s ministry acti ... read more

Resolving Denomination Differences

I recently heard from a classmate of mine that her and her boyfriend were having some discussion about which denomination of church to atten ... read more

Meeting Us Where We Are

Good Teachers We always like it when someone can get down on our level, and relate to us where we are in our understanding on a specific t ... read more

God's Grace

I see her sit, upon the grit, whilst no one is around. Deep down she knows, straight to her toes, she's lost, not yet been found. / I ... read more

Review of Mere Christianity

Introduction I recently finished reading a literary masterpiece by C.S. Lewis called _Mere Christianity_. It’s a book about many different ... read more

Choosing a Career

I hear this question all the time: What career should I choose? I hear it especially from young highschoolers. They want to know what it is ... read more

Reflections on Stranger Things

I have recently picked up a new favorite TV show. It’s called Stranger Things, and it’s a Netflix original series. At first, I was reluctant ... read more

The Value of Scientific Discourse

More recently in American educational history, there has been a push away from discourse and debate in science classrooms concerning religio ... read more

Joy: The Light that Made Me See

Light and darkness have always been the great metaphor of my life. Jesus once said that He was the light of the world and that people who fo ... read more

Psalm 22:16-17

There are many views people take when talking about Biblical prophecy. One is that all the Old Testament prophecies can all be explained awa ... read more


I was curious as to who it is that people feel has influenced, impacted, and changed their lives the most. So, I sent out a twitter survey t ... read more

World Mission Society Church of God

Introduction After a long day of failing to sell my car to sketchy people on craigslist, I decided I would spoil myself with a plate of m ... read more

10,000 Hours

It has been estimated that it takes 10,000 hours, 1,000,000 repetitions, or up to 10 years of training to become an expert in anything. Th ... read more

Why You Should Keep that Conglomerate of Cells

Introduction How do you define a living thing? Does it move? Does it think? Does it respire? In essence, does the subject have what we wou ... read more

Defining Life by DNA Analysis

Babies are Living Things If you guys read my last post, then you have become aware of the mechanism by which scientists decide if someth ... read more

Reflections on Fast Food

My parents were not going to buy me a car when I turned sixteen, so I had to earn the money to buy one my own. I had been saving Christmas a ... read more